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Pic2Web 1

Convert picture to html color text

Site Map Builder

Site Map Builder 1.5

Site Map Builder allows you to create the Google SiteMap XML needed within your root directory in order to provide information about your site to Google.

generator code php

generator code php 1.11

Generate a full set of PHP scripts quickly from MySQL database, or Generate a whole source vb6 quickly from MySQL database.

Xitex WebContent M1 CMS Start!

Xitex WebContent M1 CMS Start! 1.8

Xitex WebContent M1 CMS Start! - free web-based content management system. It is used for developing, managing, and publishing content on the Web. Our CMS provides ultimate functionality and API support through its J2EE base. Deployment in minutes!

Ewisoft Web Builder

Ewisoft Web Builder 2.1

Free web editor especially for beginners and non-web-technical people. It uses "content + template = a web site". No need to code HTML. What You See Is What You Get. No need to design. Get a nice looking by a ready-made or custom-made web template.

Color Khablashooqator Pro

Color Khablashooqator Pro 2.10


CMSimple Content Management

CMSimple Content Management 2.2

CMSimple is a simple content management system for smart maintainance of small commercial or private sites.

Web Site Publisher

Web Site Publisher 1.2

Free intelligent FTP tool designed specifically to make publishing and updating a web site as quick, easy and effortless as possible. Key features: only uploads what it needs to, removes old files and can be used with more than one web site.

Enersoft SiteGenWiz

Enersoft SiteGenWiz 1.0

Web Site Builder. Create your own web site without any HTML knowledge. Includes Menu generator, editor and upload utility.

Natata eBook Compiler

Natata eBook Compiler 1.1

Create professional eBooks or off-line websites with ease.

Antix Web Gallery

Antix Web Gallery 1.0

Generates a simple Gallery for all your pictures.

Xml Editor

Xml Editor 1.0

Extract any kind of information on any web site, among a easy XML script, and format with a XSL template

Enersoft SiteGen

Enersoft SiteGen 0.9

Web Site Generator. Design your own web page without any HTML knowledge. Includes Menu generator, editor and upload utility.


AscToTab 4.0

AscToTab is utility that converts *plain*, tab-delimited or comma-separated text files containing table data into either HTML or RTF (rich text format) tables.

Free Site Publisher

Free Site Publisher 1.4.94

Free Site Publisher - is automatic FTP client. This program gives you an opportunity to update your web site or home page easily with single mouse click!


Gallery 1.1

This is a program to create thumbnail images, create a HTML page with or without a table containing the thumbnails, each linked to its full-sized image, apply common filters, such as Emboss. To create wallpaper on the desktop.User is able to: Choose ...