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Webmaster's Toolkit

Webmaster's Toolkit 1.71

Webmaster's Toolkit - this is a software utility that allows you quickly measure the size of objects on the screen, picking the colour value from any pixel of the screen and alter or produce your own colors with the Photoshop-style Color Picker.

Absolute Color Picker

Absolute Color Picker 3.0

Absolute Color Picker is a freeware enhanced color selection dialog with RGB and HSB color models. Unique color selection dialog models provide versatile color schemes for selecting necessary color hue, brightness and transparency values.


WebColor 217

Never accidentally use non-websafe colors again. Get WebColor and prosper.


pkColorPicker 2.0

A very comfortable and extensive color editor for web designers, graphic artists and developers.


HTMLcolor 1.2

Use this small app to pick up any color from the screen as HTML code (i.e. C0E3E3), HTML color name (i.e. Blue) or as RGB (i.e. 126,212,255). The app shows an enlarged picture of the local area around the cursor and a sample of the color under the cu...

HTML Color Blender

HTML Color Blender 1.0

Generates HTML code for that transistions the color of a string from a start color to a stop color. Has several addition features including the shape of the transistion (wave, ramp), the number of times the transistion is repeated throughout the stri...


RGBPro 1.2.2

More than just a color picker, RGBPro lets you: View different fonts, colors and backgrounds together. Break away from your usual color choices with the Randomize button. Quickly and easily view the fonts in you system directory. Create browser safe ...


ColToHex 0.99

Converts RGB colors to hex values for website developers.


RGB 1.1

Find the perfect color combinations for your website quickly and easily. Provides hexadecimal and decimal values.


Spectroscope 1.44

A color picker for HTML designers. Quick and easy to use tool to convert your color selections to hex. Allows you to design in true color with single click previewing of how viewers will see your designs in 256 colors.

Web Designer Color Tool

Web Designer Color Tool 3.0

Web Designer Color Tool has all of the basic that other color pickers provide but add the ability to change the display font, save and load color schemes, use only the 216 color safety palette, and show two display Windows at the same time to compare different color combinations against each other.