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WordRad 2.9.0

Description of WordRad 2.9.0:
This powerful but easy-to-use software enables users to apply different textures to the background, text and images of documents which can then most notably be converted by WordRad into web pages that have striking and unusual visual impact. Such documents can also be printed, so WordRad would be useful in any application where large fonts are in use, and where there is a need to make a striking impression in the text presentation. Give WordRad a try to see how useful it can actually be for you! FEATURES: TE The user can select from a graphical (owner-drawn) drop down menu of foreground/background textures. The user can add new entries to this menu or delete any entry as well by right-clicking on it. TE The Alpha Blend dialog enables the user to create new textures by blending one texture or solid color into another texture - a process that can be repeated indefinitely. TE The Copy Marquee dialog enables the user to copy any arbitrary region of the computer screen to the clipboard. TE The Copy Color dialog enables the user to copy any arbitrary color from the screen by pointing to it. The name of that color will also be displayed. TE The Build Web Page dialog and Web Images dialog have an extensive array of intuitive features for transforming a textured document into a web page. The user can apply textures to images to appear in the web page as well as control the degree and mode of texturization. Textured borders can also be applied to an image. An option even allows the web page scroll bar to be texturized. TE One of the most useful features enables the user to embed any url, html file, or flash application file in any space in a document where an image normally resides. Once all the desired options are selected the user hits Build to build the web page, and a few seconds later can hit View to view the result in the default web browser.

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