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CobFixIt 1.0

Cobfixit lets you open SEVERAL HTML files at once, scans the text and substitutes these characters by their codes.You can also create a backup of the files before fixing them.

Font 2 BMP

Font 2 BMP 1.3

  • Shareware
  • 25.00$
  • 08-May-2009
  • 2.0 KB

Will create individual bitmap (.bmp) files for each character of a given font. Each characters bitmap file is saved with a filename of its ascii value (046.bmp for example). convert these bmps to gif for use on the web. This program is useful for generating digits for page counters and characters for dynamic word displays in the font of your choice.

CiteMap Builder

CiteMap Builder 1.0a

  • Shareware
  • 28.00$
  • 08-May-2009
  • 3.2 KB

Can be used to enliven numerous pages, such as providing high-level guides to a site, collections of related or cool links, or sharing favorites or bookmarks. CiteMaps are interactive VRML scenes of hyperlinked 3D objects. The CiteMap Builder is easy to use, even for those with no VRML experience. Over 100 3D objects can be dragged and dropped onto a grid, and annotated with URL, label, title, and abstract. The resulting 3D landscape can be traversed using any VRML97 enabled browser. The 3D scene can be embedded in an HTML page, or placed into a two-frame page with a VRML window linked to an HTML window. The VRML files created are easily edited to change colors, add image textures, etc., providing an excellent entry point forlearning about creating 3D Web pages. CiteMap Buildercomes with a tool called VRML Data Trimmer which can beused to greatly reduce the size of the resulting VRML files.


NetForum 3.0b1

A program that quickly add the benefits of a message forum to your web site. NetForum relies on an Internet mailbox, a common commodity, for its operation; unlike server-base solutions that requires CGI programming or special server software. NetForum also has the advantage in terms of user interface. Your visitor will be composing the message with his or her E-mail program, something they are already familar with, rather than crude HTML form. Also, thanks to support of HTML by many E-mail programs, such as Netscape Communicator, messages can include embedded graphics, sound, and hyperlinks. NetForum can also channel messages from mailing list to the message forum, making them available to those on the web to see.

Channel Maker

Channel Maker 1.01

An Internet Explorer 4 Active Channel authoring tool. If you want to create your own Active Channels, Channel Maker will make it easy. There is no need to learn about the CDF tags, or study the Microsoft CDF Specification - just run it and use the intuitive user interface to create error-free Active Channels in minutes.


HTML-Scissor 1.30

A simple solution to add Page-Break to your HTML documents, or output HTML directly to printer. HTML-Scissor allows user to select any markup symbol such as H1 or or even !- PAGE BREAK - to act as a page break for printing and viewing. Single key stroke commands to allow the user to step through pages for seminar presentation combined with easy printing of the document for handouts. It can also be used to output HTML directly to printer direclty.

Webcat 97

Webcat 97 1.0

Create catalog of JPEG / GIF files. Store in tree-based catalog. Use the catalog to create Web Pages of each category.