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EasyBAN 0.1.2

Save time when in the need to delete spam posts, look for their authors username, email address, IP and add them to the ban list.

CodeThat Studio

CodeThat Studio 2.5.0

CodeThatStudio is a tool that enables you to create JavaScript solutions from the CodeThat in visual environment.

Spider SEO

Spider SEO 1.0

SpiderSEO is a meta tag generator and report program, graphical and at command line.
Keywords, description, are extracted from the content of the page. Previous content may be preserved. Sources available. PDF tutorial included.


LinkXL 1.0

Innovative linkexchange script LinkXL combines benefits of automated link exchange service and manual link exchange on your site like other scripts do. It is easy to install, easy to manage from central server.

Web Form Processor and Validator

Web Form Processor and Validator 2.0

Allows you to easily make the forms on your
website work. There is absolutely no need for
programming, installing CGI scripts, or editing HTML
code. Powerful processing will email form results, send autoresponders and more!


CodeThatHint 1.x.x

CodeThatHint is a javascript widget providing the functionality of the tool tip (hint) control. It is represented by the box with the text note, image and any other HTML content.


CodeThatForm 1.3.7

CodeThatForm package gives you full control over the windows and layers in the browser.


CodeThatGrid 2.2.3

CodeThatGrid is an advanced JavaScript Grid that enables user to display massives of data.


CodeThatMenu 2.3.1

CodeThatMenu is advanced cross-browser state-of-art JavaScript menu control that can be easily integrated in any web page and requires no JavaScript knowledge from the prospective user


CodeThatTab 1.2.4

CodeThatTab is an advanced JavaScript tab control (page control) that fully mimics look and the functionality of the tab control found in Windows GUI specifications and serves the same purpose.

CF Rollover Wizard

CF Rollover Wizard 2.2

A Program that allows you to create several types of rollovers and link effects in as little time as possible and with no javascript knowledge.

No Right Click

No Right Click 1.01

Ever wanted to prevent users from "borrowing" images from your site through right-clicking them and "save image as..." or right-clicking the page and viewing your page source? The No Right Click will disable the right click on your page!

ASP pure file upload with progress bar

ASP pure file upload with progress bar 2.0

Easy to use, hi-performance pure asp include - multiple files upload script with HTML progress bar indicator. ASP upload to server disk, database or email attachment, upload with image preview and email notification, secure (https) file upload



An editor for the Miva server side scripting language and HTML. If your web host offers the Miva Merchant e-commerce package then you probably have access to Miva. Using Miva you can do many tasks that normally require CGI, send mail, use .DBF databa...


REBOL/core 2.1

An OS and platform independent messaging language, that easily handles primary Internet protocols such as HTTP, FTP, POP, NNTP, SMTP, CGI etc. REBOL now supports over 30 platforms, meaning that scripts written in Windows will also run, unmodified, on...