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LogiSphere 1.5.2

Run your own web server. Motion detection, video broadcast, emailing, archiving, FTP upload, image server and more
Server for Windows Media embedded.
Enables zoom on any videdo device

Control a Logitech Orbit / Sphere remotely.

DataNet MKII

DataNet MKII 1.23

A user-friendly, yet powerfull Telnet Server that runs on Windows systems. The command library is built on 'plug-in' DLLs, so it is eay to add new commands to the server when they come out.

C++ Server Pages

C++ Server Pages 1.6

C++ Server Pages (CSP) allows developers to build Dynamic Web Pages and Web Applications by using C++.Existing C++ projects can be ported to the Web by simply including the C++ source code, or by importing the C++ libraries to CSP scripts.It is similar

!  Visual Server Monitor

! Visual Server Monitor 1.0

Visual Server Monitor is a powerful application built to help you visually diagnose and monitor critical systems on your servers (local or remote) in real-time! Here is a quick overview of the featuresMonitor Critical Systems VSM graphically displays


TIMP 1.0

TIMP is a server/client Instant Messaging Platform based on Jabber that integrates Jabber with Active Directory / LDAP and SSL. Any Jabber compatible client can connect to TIMP (Linux, Java, Mac-OS, Palm, Pocket-PC, Web based client, etc). TIMP supports